Send Free SMS using Airtel

FREESMS Yes now you can send free SMS using Airtel Live to any Airtel Number all you need is a Gprs enabled handset and Airtel Live.

STEP1) Go to!ut/p/wml/QkQ! Using Airtel live apn in case if this link doesn’t work

STEP2) Go to Games section.

STEP3) Scroll down and come to Airtel Recommends.

STEP4) Select the game what is listed.

STEP5) A new page will open scroll down Click recommend.

STEP6) Scroll down now you can see For Airtel Users only.

STEP7) now enter the phone number of your friend and the message.

STEP8) Click Proceed


When you are done your friend will receive message in the form of service message (browser message).